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Lockey Safety Products Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of safety lockout products We are founded on the manufacturing of proper lockout tagout products to help avoiding industrial accidents which are caused by the unexpected energization or start up of machines and equipment by the uncontrolled release of energy We offers a broad range of lockout devices and tagouts that cover most mechanical and electrical applications including safety padlock valve lockout lockout hasp electric lockout cable lockout lockout kit and station etc All our products are manufactured according to ISO standard and ANSI standard We have our research and development team to...

Categories and Products

Safety Padlock

Steel Shackle Padlock

ABS Plastic Safety Tagout Lockout Padlock 25mm Steel Short Shackle Lockout Tagout Padlock Industrial 25mm Short Shackle Safety Lockout Padlock Customized Professional ABS Padlock 76mm Long Shackle Safety Padlock 25mm Steel Short Shackle Padlock 38mm Steel Shackle Safety Padlock Safety 76mm Steel Shackle Plastic Body Padlock Short Mini Steel Shackle Thermoplastic Safety Padlock Steel Shackle Nylon Dustproof Padlock Lockout Tagout 52mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock 38mm Steel Shackle Length Danger Lockout Tagout padlock 43mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock 78mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock Hot Sale Factory Direct Price Blossom Padlock High Quality Long Duration Time Padlock with Alarm Long shackle Steel Loto Locks Safety Padlock Steel Shackle 38mm Safety Lockout Tagout Padlock 76mm Long Shackle Safety Lockout Tagout Padlock Electric Combination Lock Safety PadLocks 

Plastic Shackle Padlock

25mm Plastic Short Shackle Padlock 38mm Plastic Short Shackle Safety Padlock Nylon Shackle High Security Master Key Padlock 76mm Plastic Long Shackle Safety Padlock Safety Lockout Steel Shackle Nylon Dustproof Padlock Electrical Nylon Shackle High security Padlock 76mm Nylon Shackle Plastic Body Safety Padlock 25mm Short Mini Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock Lockout Tagout Long Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock Insulation Shackle Safety ABS Plastic Padlock Long Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock 38mm Nylon Shackle Dustproof Safety Lockout Padlock Lockey 25mm Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock Lockey 38mm Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock Lockey 76mm Plastic Shackle Safety Padlock Lockey Patented Design Plastic Padlock 25mm Mini Nylon Shackle LOTO Mini Safety Padlock Padlocks designed by Lockey with Master Key 76mm Long Safety Padlock Candados Lockout Tagout 38mm Nylon Shackle Security Safety Padlock 

Stainless Steel Shackle Padlock

Dia 4 Steel Shackle Padlock Lockout Tagout Safety Cable Lock Stainless Steel Cable Padlock Security Locks 40mm Stainless Steel Safety Lockout Padlock Safety Cable Lock Steel Cable Wire Lock Safety Cable Padlock Cable Wire Lock OSHA Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Safety Padlock Stainless Steel Cable Security Locks 175mm Steel Cable Shackle Safety Padlock 4mm Shackle Stainless Steel Safety Padlock 4mm Dia Shackle Stainless Steel ABS Safety Padlock 

Laminated Safety Padlock

Hardened Steel Shackle Laminated Safety Padlock Dustproof and Waterproof Laminated Padlock Safety Padlock Waterproof Laminated Padlock Combination Padlock Industrial Laminated Steel Waterproof Laminated Padlock Waterproof Padlock Laminated Padlock Safety Padlock Laminated Steel Waterproof Laminated Padlock Safety Waterproof Laminated Padlock High security 40mm Waterproof Lock Laminated Padlock Pad 

Gun Lock

Red Cable Gun Safety Padlock Gun locks 

Lockout Hasp

Steel Lockout Hasp

Steel 1" and 1.5" Safety Lockout Hasp Economic Steel Lockout Hasp Stainless Steel Safety Lockout Hasp Proof High Strength Butterfly Tamper Lockout Hasp Economic Lockout Hasp with lock size 25/38mm Heavy Duty Butterfly Tamper Lockout Hasp Economic Lockout Hasp with steel lock Double End Steel Lockout Hasp Economic Steel Lockout Hasp With Hook Metal 4 Padlock Interlocking Butterfly Tamper Lock Hasp PA Coated Steel Lockout Hasp 25mm/38mm Economic Lockout Hasp with Hooks Double-end Steel Lockout Hasp Lock Lockout PA Coated Steel Lockout Hasp With Hook Red Vinyl Coated Safety Lockout Hasp Master Steel Lockout Hasps 6 Lock Brady 

Nylon Lockout Hasp

Red Safety Plastic Nylon Insulated Lockout Hasp Nonconductive Dielectric Nylon Safety Loto Lockout Hasp Lockout Tagout Sliding Nylon Hasp Industry Safety Nylon Insulation lockout Hasp High Quality PP Safety Nylon Lockout Hasp Non-conductive Safety Nylon Lockout Hasp 4 Hole Insulated Locker Hasp Tagout 

Aluminum Lockout Hasp

Aluminum Double End Lockout Hasp Hote Sale Labeled Aluminum Hasp Lockout PA Coated Aluminum Hasp 1"and 1.5" Aluminum Hasp Lockout and Safety Lockout Hasp Write-On Labeled Aluminum Group Safety Lockout Hasp Aluminum Group Lockout Hasp with 1"and 1.5"Shackle 

Circuit Breaker Lockout

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout

Brady ABS Miniature Circuit Breaker Lock Lockout Pin Out Wide for Wider MCB Lockout Pin In Standard Circuit Breaker Lockout Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout MCB Safety Lockout Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Pin Out Standard Tie Bar Circuit Breaker Lockout Pin Out Standard MCB Lockout Tie Bar Lockout-Brady Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Nylon Safety Lock off MCB Miniature Lockout 

Moulded MCB Lockout

Electric Safety Lockout Circuit Breaker Lockout Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout Tagout Plastic Nylon Circuit Breaker Lockout Large Moulded Case Breaker Lockout Easily Installed Circcuit Breaker Lockout without Tools Mini Cicuit Breaker Safety Lockout Electrical Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout Electrical MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout Electrical Circuit Breaker Safety Lock Multiple Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Small Electric Circuit Breaker Lockout Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Lockout Multi-Functional Safety MCB Lockout Presell Electrical Multi Functional Circuit Breaker Lockout 

Clamp On Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout Brady Large Size Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lock Oversized Large Clamp On Circuit Breaker Safety Lockout 480V-600V Brady Safety Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout for 480V-600V Breakers Small Handle Electrical Circuit Breaker Lockout Tagout 

Breaker Lockout

Group Circuit Breaker Lockout 120V Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout Masterlock Grip Tight circuit breaker Lock Lockout Masterlock 491BMCN Grip Tight circuit breakerLockout Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout Tagout Grip Tight circuit breaker Lock Lockout Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout Circuit Breaker Blocking Bar Lockout Systems Circuit Breaker Blocker Bar Lockout with 190mm Rod 

Electrical Lockout

Electrical Plug Lockout

Electrical Pneumatic Plug Lockout Electrical Plug Safety Locking Device Polypropylene Electrical Plug Lockout Device Safety Electrical Pneumatic Plug Lockout Large electrical plug safety lockout Transparent electric emergency stop switch lockout Protect switches Transparent Socket Covers Manhole Safety Lockout Bag High Quality Polypropylene Safety Electrical Plug Lockout Safety Electrical Industrial Plug Lockout with Quality Warranty NEW Electrical Cabinet Switch ABS Disconnecting Link Lockout Electrical Plug Lockout Air Conditioner Socket Devices 

Switch Lockout

Emergency Stop Electrical Switch and Button Lock Lockout Electrical Switch and Button Lockout Engineering ABS Safety Emergency Stop Lockout Series Multifunction Safety Industrial Electrical Lockout Safety Electrical Pneumatic Plug Lockout Tagout Wall Switch Button Lockout Switch Push Lock Safety Emergency Stop Button Lockout Transparent PC Emergency Stop Lockout Push Electric Transparent Plastic Wall Emergency Switch Button Lockout 

Pneumatic Lockout

Safety Gas Cylinder Valve Lockout Tagout Gas Cylinder Valve Lockout Pneumatic Lockout Air Source Lockout Tagout Gas Cylinder Tank Safety Lockout Tagout Safety Source Gas Safety Lockout Tagout Pneumatic Hose Air Source Lockouts Gas Cylinder Tank Safety Lockout Stainless Steel Air Source Safety Lockout 

Valve Lockout

Ball Valve Lockout

Adjustable Safety Ball Valve Handle Lockouts LOCKEY Hardened Steel Safety Ball Valve Lock Devices Master Lock Ball Valve Safety Lockout Device Double Roll Safety Valve Lock Lockout Tagout Hardened Steel Safety Ball Valve Rod Lockout 0.25" to 1"Steel Ball Valve Lockout Plastic 2"-8" Ball Valve Safety Lockout Device Hardened Safety Steel Ball Valve Lockout Adjustable Ball Valve Safety Lockout Adjustable Polypropylene Safety Ball Valve Handle Lock Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout With Foot Board Foot Board Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout Adjustable Flanged Ball Valve Lockout Exclusive Design Locks Customized Valve Lockout Transparent PC Customized Valve Lockout Adjustable Safety Ball Vlve Lockout Tagout Universal Safety Adjustable Ball Valve Handle Lockout Safety Ball Valve Lockout Double Roll Valves 

Gate Valve Lockout

Industrial Safety Products of valve lockouts Universal Gate Valve Rod Handle Safety Lockout Polypropylene Rotation Gate Valve Lockout Devices Patented Design Gate Valve Lockout Hot Selling Gate Valve Locking Safety Devices Small Size Rotation Gate Valve Lockout 1"-6.5" Gate Valve Handle Lockout Colorful Red Green Safety Gate Valve Lockout Gate Valve Handle Safety Lockout Tagout Factory Standard Safety Gate Valve Lockout 

Universal Valve Lockout

Universal Valve Lockout with One Blocking Arm Universal Valve Lockout with 2 Arms Cable and Blocking Arm Universal Valve Lockout Universal Safety Valve Lockout Universal Polypropylene Safety Butterfly Valve Lockout Universal Valve Lockout with Double Blocking Arms Universal Ball Valve Loto with Nylon Cable Single Arm Universal Ball Valve Lockout Handle Lock Length 256mm Diameter 2.5mm Car Seal Lockout Customized Design Valve Lockout cable wire Car Seal blockade lockout Large Universal Valve Lockout Base with Cable Large Size Safety Butterfly Valve Lock Lockout Universal Ball Valve Safety Equipment Devices Small Universal Gate Valve Lockout Safety Valve Lockout Small Blocking Arm 

Butterfly Valve Lockout

Valve Handle Safety Butterfly Valve Lockout Tagout Oversized Butterfly Valve Lockout Polypropylene Butterfly Valve Lockout Universal Valve Lockout Base with Plus clamp 

Cable Lockout

Cable Safety Lockout

Security Cable Lockout with 4mm Cable Wire Cable Lockout with 2m Cables Multipurpose Security Cable Lockout Steel Cable Lock With 2M Cables Car Seal Lockout ABS body with steel cable Car Seal Lockout ABS body insulation steel cable Car Seal Safety Lockout High Quality adjustable Small Cable Lockout Loto Locks 

Red Coated Cable Lockout

Multipurpose Security Cable Lockout with Cable Universal Multipurpose Cheap Cable Lockout Economic Stainless Steel Cable Lockout Economic Adjustable Stainless Steel Cable Security Lock Adjustable Stainless Steel Cable Security Lockout Universal Multipurpose Cable Lockout For Locking Valves Brady Lockout Stainless Steel Wire Cable Lockout Ajdustable Cable Lockouut with Cable Dia. 3.8mm fishshaped Cable Lockout with 3.8 dia. 

Lockout Station &Box &Bag

Group Lockout Box

Protable Steel Lockout Kit and Group Lockout Box Safety Lockout Kit Lockout Tagout Group 13 Locks Steel Safety Lockout Kit Safety Steel Box Kit With Master Keys Plastic Small Hanging Steel Safety Group Lockout Box Combined Lockout Storage Group Lockout Box Combined Lockout Storage And Group Lockout Box Group Lockout Steel Plate Group Safety Lockout Protable Steel Safety Loto Padlock Station Safety Steel Lockout Tagout Box for Master Padlock 

Steel Lockout Station

Yellow Steel Combination Safety Group Lockout Tagout Box OSHA Electrical Lockout Tagout Station unfilled Wall Mounted Hardened Steel Lockout Management Station 64 Padlocks Durable Safety Padlock Management Station 

Acrylic&PC Lockout Station

5 Locks Loto Padlock Station Electrical Lockout Tagout 36 Locks Kit Station 20-Lock Lockout Station Lockout Tagout 36-Lock Lockout Station Lockout Tagout Product ABS Resin Combination Safety Padlock Lockout Station Protable Lockout Station Safety Lockout Tagout Station LOCKEY Combination 10 Locks Lockout Station Lockout Tagout Station 5-20 Locks Station Loto Safety Lockout Station with Cover 36 Locks Safety Lockout Station 5-10 Locks Loto Lockout Tagout Groups 10-20 Locks Loto Lockout Tagout Groups 60 padlocks Combined Lockout Station Padlock Hasp Tag Combined Lockout Station Tag Combined Lockout Station Tag Lockout Group Combined Lockout Station Loto Padlock and Writing Board Combined Lockout Station Padlock Mini Lockouts Combined Lockout Station Hand Carring Nylon Safety Lockout Padlock Rack 

Padlock Rack

Metal Combination Padlock Lockout Station Combination Lockout Padlock Kit and Lock Station Combination Lockout Padlock Kit and Lockout Rack Portable Padlock Rack for Safety Padlocks Heavy Duty Padlock Racks Lockout Tagout LOCKEY Metal Padlock Station Padlock Kit Heavy Duty Padlock Lockout Station Safety Padlock Station of 5-20 Locks 

Lockout Kit

Lockout Kits

Electrical Combination Group Safety Lockout Tagout Kit Industrial Group Valve Safety Lockout Loto Electrician Waist Pouch kits Electric Safety Lockout Kit for Industrial Safety Lockout Group with Components OSHA Lockout Tagout Multipurpose Safety Kit Safety Lockout Products Lockout Kit Departmental and Group Safety Lockout Tagout Kit Departmental and Group Safety Lockout Kit 4-Locks Padlock Station Kit 10-Lock Padlock Station Kit 12-Lock Plastic Padlock Station 10-Lock Management Padlock Station Kit 20-Lock Management Padlock Station Kit 36-Lock Padlock Station Kit Electrician Waist Pouch lockout tagout kits lockout kit 

Lockout Bag Box

Plastic Maintance Group Safety Lockout Box Safety Key Management Box W40xD5.5xH63.5cm 96 Safety Lock Keys Storage Box Personal Lockout Toolbox and Lockout Box High Performance Portable safety lockout Tool bag High Quality Crane Controller Safety Lockout Bag All Sizes Protable Lock Tool Bag Safety Personal Lockout Pouch Lockout Tagout Electrical Lock Kit Lockout Kit Security Red Crane Controller Lockout Bag Elevator Controller Safety Lockout Bag Wallet Pocket Safety Lockout Bag 

Lockout Tag

Lockout PVC Tag

Safety PVC Warning tags lockout Tagout Tag Plastic Sealed Lockout Tags Danger Do Not Operate Safety PVC Lockout Tag Safety Plastic Label Tags PVC Tags Safety Warning Tags Lockout Tagout Tag Plastic Safety PVC Warning Lockout Tagout Tag OEM Customized Safety Tags Plastic tag Safety Lockout Tag for Industrial Safety PVC Tag Plastic Sealed safety loto scaffold lockout tag labels 

Safety Warning Tag

Narrow Plant and Machinery Micro Tag Erasable Tagout Pen for Lockout Tagout Customized Lcokout Tag for Lokout Tagout Safety Warming Customized Lockout Tag Scaffold White Holder Tag Engineering Plastics Strengthen Nylon Scaffolding Tag Plastics Strengthen Scaffolding Tag White Holder Tag Key Tag Key Chain for Safety Padlock Engineering Universal Customized ABS Scaffolding Holder Tag Safety Warning Sign Customized Scaffolding Holder Tag 

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