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  • 52mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock

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  • 38mm Steel Shackle Length Danger Lockout Tagout padlock

  • Brady Lockout Stainless Steel Wire Cable Lockout

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Lockey Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of Safety Lockout products. We are founded on the manufacturing of proper Lockout Tagout products to help avoiding industrial accidents, which are caused by the unexpected energization or start up of machines and equipment by the uncontrolled release of energy. We offers a broad range of lockout devices and tagouts that cover most mechanical and electrical applications, including Safety Padlock, Valve Lockout, Lockout Hasp, electric lockout, Cable Lockout, Lockout Kit and station, etc. All our products are manufactured according to ISO standard and ANSI standard. We have our research and development team to bring out various kinds of safety lockout products and solutions to meet our dedicated customers' requirements. We aimed to provide good services based on our safety LOTO products. Good credit and reciprocal benefits are what we are following in business. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We promise to supply excellent quality products, reasonable prices and satisfied services for you.

Latest News

  • April 23 2020

    Safety In Production Is A Potential Benefit

    The relationship between production safety and economic benefits determines that production safety is a potential benefit. The so-called potential means that it cannot be seen or touched, and it exists in the whole process of production, which is not easy to be found or found. At the same time, it has the duality of positive and negative benefits. Potential positive benefit comes from the whole process of safety production, from design to construction, from production to products for sale (from input to output), from operation to the equipment operation, from triple check to eliminate hidden dangers, must always pay attention to safety, layer upon layer to carry out the safety responsibility system, make the production work, the safe operation of the equipment, to ensure that the business day, month, year is completed as scheduled tasks indicators, with the potential benefits of safety plan targets gradually manifested; On the contrary, ideological malpractice, pay more attention to production and less attention to safety, only focus on efficiency rather than safety, to rush the task, to meet the deadline, to find a shortcut, afraid of trouble, eager for quick success and instant benefit, illegal operation, illegal command, safety responsibility is not implemented, not inspection, accident hidden danger is not eliminated, are potential negative benefits. Once an accident occurs, it will be exposed and the negative growth will rise in a straight line. The positive benefit is contained in the overall benefit, not obvious; And negative benefit is apparent and marked, economic loss is tens of thousands of, some cannot be measured even. If some enterprises in the safety inspection found that the wire needs to be updated and rectified, and the enterprise leadership in order to "save" expenses, and then for a period of time, but so "compromise" caused a fire, so th

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  • April 23 2020

    The Tag Is Used In Conjunction With The Safety Lock And Padlock

    Every day when we talk about tags, we think of the small signs on clothes, bags, locks and other products we buy in stores. Although the tag design is exquisite, but printed are often very meaningful. A small tag accessories, not only to show raw materials, prices and other information, and its quality is related to the quality of an enterprise and consumer service attitude. Therefore, the production of the tag is of vital importance. Of course, the selection of appropriate printing and post-processing equipment can fully maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise and achieve twice the result with half the effort . Hangtags are used in conjunction with safety locks and padlocks to comply with OSHA regulations and requirements on lock hangers. In addition to the materials used, the printing and processing methods selected for the production of the tag also affect the production quality of the tag. Therefore, the choice of tag making technology and production equipment is also crucial. In the face of a variety of hangtag materials, we suggest that the most common application is card, coated paper, PVC, etc., and these materials are relatively large grams, often in 200gsm above, the use of thermal printing laser printer can not afford to print such a thick material, and the quality of ink jet can not meet the requirements of the fine tag printing production. After the screening

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  • April 23 2020

    Safe Production Unearth Potential Benefit

    Safe production excavation potential benefit is the eternal theme of the enterprise! We should recognize the importance of work safety and the reality and inevitability of its potential positive and negative benefits. While grasping economic work, we should grasp the work of production safety. While grasping management, we should grasp the management of production safety. The responsibility system for production safety should be put into practice, instead of being hung on the lips and pasted on the wall, so that the work of production safety can be guaranteed and its potential positive benefits can be constantly played to ensure the improvement of the overall benefits of the enterprise and promote the development of the enterprise. The more difficult the enterprise, the more poor efficiency, the more attention to safety in production. At present, quite a few state-owned enterprises are struggling, and there are difficulties and problems of varying degrees in production and operation, such as unsalable products, increasing debts, difficult operation and poor efficiency. Some enterprises in order to get rid of the predicament, looking for a way out, the use of idle plant, equipment, site to engage in leasing, contracting; Some tear down frontage wall to build storefront, open tertiary industry. No matter what we do, we cannot relax the management of production safety in enterprises. Only safety can bring benefits and provide a way out, and only in this way can we truly get rid of difficulties. Can not be a "life and death contract" as evidence, to rent escrow, escrow contract, so that the original revitalization of assets,

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