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Safety In Production Is A Potential Benefit

The relationship between production safety and economic benefits determines that production safety is a potential benefit. The so-called potential means that it cannot be seen or touched, and it exists in the whole process of production, which is not easy to be found or found. At the same time, it has the duality of positive and negative benefits. Potential positive benefit comes from the whole process of safety production, from design to construction, from production to products for sale (from input to output), from operation to the equipment operation, from triple check to eliminate hidden dangers, must always pay attention to safety, layer upon layer to carry out the safety responsibility system, make the production work, the safe operation of the equipment, to ensure that the business day, month, year is completed as scheduled tasks indicators, with the potential benefits of safety plan targets gradually manifested; On the contrary, ideological malpractice, pay more attention to production and less attention to safety, only focus on efficiency rather than safety, to rush the task, to meet the deadline, to find a shortcut, afraid of trouble, eager for quick success and instant benefit, illegal operation, illegal command, safety responsibility is not implemented, not inspection, accident hidden danger is not eliminated, are potential negative benefits. Once an accident occurs, it will be exposed and the negative growth will rise in a straight line. The positive benefit is contained in the overall benefit, not obvious; And negative benefit is apparent and marked, economic loss is tens of thousands of, some cannot be measured even. If some enterprises in the safety inspection found that the wire needs to be updated and rectified, and the enterprise leadership in order to "save" expenses, and then for a period of time, but so "compromise" caused a fire, so that the enterprise destroyed. Even if the economic benefits of good enterprises, only to ensure the safety of production, safe, and obtain benefits is the real benefits. Otherwise, it may produce negative benefits or negative growth of benefits. Therefore, we should further understand the importance of work safety from the perspective that production safety is the potential benefit and its potential duality, and regard it as part of the overall benefit of the enterprise.

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